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I would highly recommend Will. Really motivating and enjoyable, each class is different and mixed up every week to keep it fun and challenging for all fitness levels x

Sam Place – Group Fitness Class

Will has done everything possible to make everyone feel at ease and is very knowledgeable and supportive. No matter what your fitness level or ability he will ensure you reach your goals!

Donna Ralston – Beginner Running Programme

Fun and Different! Will is welcoming and friendly, will help you achieve your goals, and make you realise how much more you’ve got in you! Great fitness advice and enjoyable classes!

Fran Short – Group Fitness Class & Improver Running Programme

Will has great knowledge with running programmes, plans and technique!
He practises what he preaches which is fundamental to being a great coach!

Rob Carr – Health & Fitness Colleague

Nearing the end of the 10wk 5k programme and I’m loving it. Will makes the group friendly, informative and supportive. I would definitely recommend WB Fitness.

Lucy Robinson – Beginner Running Programme

Fantastic running programme, Will is an amazing running coach and makes each session informative, supportive and fun. I didn’t think I would ever be able to run 5k comfortably. Onwards and upwards to the improvers group and looking forward to longer distances. Thanks Will. Xx

Karen Calder – Beginner Running Programme

Amazing group! I have never liked running but can honestly say thanks to Will I actually enjoy it now. I’m near the end of my ten week course and can run non stop comfortably for two and a half miles! My first week I struggled for 1 minute. Will gives great advice, support and teaches you to improve your technique so you can manage long runs. I highly recommend joining his groups. I’d never be at the level I am now without my group.

Corinne Mcevely – Beginner Running Programme

Fantastic programme and Will is lovely! What a superstar!! All those little thoughts that stop you from achieving your goal Will will help you with them! He’s quick to answer and put your mind at ease. The programme is simple and helps build confidence. Thanks Will!

Sara KG – Beginner Running Programme

What a fantastic morning this morning with WB fitness! Reviewing my running style and providing me with fantastic feedback to enable me to improve my running! Confidence is not my friend and Will was able to make this a stress free and non-embarrassing environment! Putting into practice what I was taught in this mornings Parkrun with the encouragement of Will has meant I have already noticed a difference! Goals have been made and I’m looking forward to running more and learning more from WB Fitness! Would recommend this to anyone who wants to see real progress in a fun and friendly environment!!

Katie Holmes – Running Technique Assessment

Motivating, fun and social, what more could you want from a running group. Will and Helen are great and Will is very knowledgeable and I can’t wait to join them and hopefully my current runners on their new course in September, once our imminent 5k park run is out of the way.

Alan Gingell – Beginner Running Programme

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